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Scrape Mailer Action Pack Released

Do you want to send a contextual email that contains screen data from any application screen? Well now you can with our Scrape Mailer Action Pack. Scrape Mailer is a desktop application integration tool that allows you to send emails from any core system screen that contains live data mapped from that screen. Scrape Mailer eliminates the need for you to manually gather up, copy and paste all relevant information from your applications. Through the use of smart templates, Scrape Mailer embeds live application data in your emails at the point of send. Do you want to send an email that contains embedded account information to a customer directly from within your accounting system? Or maybe you need to send management an update on a special project directly from your project management software. Regardless of the use case, Scrape Mailer is the ultimate solution for sending highly contextual, live data-rich emails from any application For more, check out this demo...

Ratchet-X and conflicts with keyboard shortcut applications

Ratchet-X is highly unintrusive in terms of its impact at the desktop. However, there are instances when it may conflict with other applications (usually utilities), that work with the keyboard buffer. An example of such an application is PhraseExpress from Bartels Media GmbH. This very useful utility allows the user to create global keyboard shortcuts that when typed, are replaced with a larger phrase thus reducing typing and ensuring textual consistency. In order to do this, the application must monitor what the user is typing into every application at the desktop, perform a recognition, eat the shortcut keystrokes when entered and replace it with the mapped long form text from its database. While this would not normally cause a conflict with Ratchet-X, if your action makes heavy use of stuffing keys in the keyboard buffer or your regwin hosts a conflicting keyboard shortcut, a conflict may arise. If an action does not seem to be doing what it is supposed to do or is exhibiting odd behavior and your action or regwin uses the keyboard buffer or shortcuts, check to see if the user is running a utility that intercepts keystrokes. This might save you some action debugging...

Action Pack Search and Registration

Prior to the current release of Ratchet-X, the installation of a Ratchet-X Action Pack involved running a different install of Ratchet-X for each Action Pack. That is no longer the case. Action Pack installs are now available within the Commander client via the Tools | Install Action Pack… menu path. This will bring up the Install Action Pack dialog screen. From here, you can search, learn about and install available Action...

RatchetSoft Will Be At ARMA, 2013

RatchetSoft will be in booth #139 at the upcoming ARMA, 2013 conference demonstrating how Ratchet-X can be used to integrate any records management system with any line of business application. And as always, not changes to any apps or cooperation from vendors required. See you  in Vegas at ARMA, October 28 and...

RatchetSoft Wins 2012 Coder Royale

Just in case you missed it, RatchetSoft was selected as the winner of the 2012 ICUC Coder Royale Contest. Our Ratchet-X-based click-to-call solution enables users to initiate calls placed through inContact’s cloud-based call center infrastructure from any application without requiring changes to those applications. Click here to see the winning entry video. Special thanks to George Weihs and the development team that worked on this project....

Technique: Integrating Applications On A Remote Desktop

In most cases, Ratchet-X works fine when used to integrate applications that are running on a remote desktop like Citrix’s XenApp, VMWare’s ThinApp or Microsoft’s App-V. In these cases, it’s common to deploy Ratchet-X itself on that remote desktop along with the target application to be integrated. To the end user, he would never even know that either application is deployed remotely. The Ratchet-X Commander icon still appears in its usual spot in his windows system tray. Interacting with it seems to be the exact same experience as if it were installed locally. However, it’s important to remember that Ratchet-X is deployed remotely and only has access to other apps running on the same remote desktop. Applications running natively on the actual desktop cannot be accessed by the remotely deployed Ratchet-X Commander or visa versa. Or can they? We’ve been using a technique that allows us to bridge this gap. For example, imagine there’s a line of business application that is deployed as a Citrix XenApp. We want to place a magic button on that XenApp when the user navigates the application into a certain state (e.g. Invoice Summary Window). We define a RegWin for that window and save it into an appspace that we register with Ratchet-X running on the remote desktop. That method handles the screen recognition and appearance of magic button. When the magic button is clicked, Ratchet-X runs the action on the remote desktop that needs to (somehow), load an application on the actual workstation and do some navigation (we call this the Jump2 pattern). Now this is  where the problem lies. Although we currently we...

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  • Reduces error rates and keystrokes
  • Streamline business processes and workflows
  • Maximize IT spend ROI
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