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Ratchet-X Learning

Looking to come up to speed on Ratchet-X quickly? You’ve come to the right place. The Ratchet-X Learning Center is where you’ll find helpful videos and links to our Knowledge Base which contains product documentation, project methodology information and links to useful utilities. As always, if you don’t find something you’re looking for, give us a call.

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RatchetSoft Video Series

Seeing is believing. In order to help you better understand our offering, we have created a series of informational videos called the RatchetSoft Video Series. The content of these videos range from broad, high-level platform descriptions through highly-detailed, technical demonstrations. Feel free to view any or all of these videos based on your areas of interest. All videos are rated based on the video’s intended audience.

Ratchet-X Action Developer Note: A number of the videos presented in this series are intended to supplement our technical documentation so you are advised to view all videos rated “Developer”.



What Is Ratchet-X?
This video is a high-level, conceptual and functional introduction to the Ratchet-X Platform. If you are looking for a quick, 50,000 foot view of the product, this is the video for you.

Format: YouTube (MP4)
Rating: User Level
Length: 5:47


Innovative Uses Of Ratchet-X
This video demonstrates eight innovative customer uses of Ratchet-X technology by our customers.

Format: YouTube (MP4)
Rating: User Level
Length: 9:43


Compliance Program Supplement
In this video, Ratchet-X is used to help supplement an organization’s compliance program. Ratchet-X watches the user interact with his applications and springs into action when a compliance rule, external to the application, is triggered. Ratchet-X can help your organization be more proactive in its compliance efforts by capturing hard to monitor, real time desktop transactions and correcting them before they become compliance issues.

Format: YouTube (MP4)
Rating: User Level
Length: 5:48


Ratchet-X for ImageRight
Ratchet-X for ImageRight allows you to integrate any application with your ImageRight EDM without having to change your application or work with the ImageRight API. Ratchet-X for ImageRight allows you to integrate ImageRight with your applications for a fraction of the cost and time normally associated with code level integrations

Format: YouTube (MP4)
Rating: User Level
Length: 5:43


Introduction (Video 1 of 6)

This video contains a high-level overview of the Ratchet-X platform and an introduction to the asset development process.

Creating an Appspace (Video 2 of 6)

This video discusses the appspace concept and how to create one.

Defining Markers (Video 3 of 6)

This video describes what markers are and how they are defined in appspaces.

Defining Snippets & Mappings (Video 4 of 6)

This video describes what snippets and mappings are and how they are created in an appspace.

Testing an Appspace (Video 5 of 6)

This video demonstrates how to test an appspace definition and tricks, tips and techniques for making it durable.

Designing and Building an Action (Video 6 of 6)

This video describes what an action is and how it is designed and built. The video also covers putting all the assets together to form a working Ratchet-X integrated solution.

Ratchet-X Development Process

This six video set walks you through the end-to-end process of creating a Ratchet-X solution. Using the sample application MyCRM and sample action, Address Verification, this indepth, technical demo covers the following topics from a developer’s perspective: Appspace creation, Markers, Snippets and Mappings definition, Appsapce testing and Action creation.

Videos in this series include the following (use video slider to flip through the six videos):

Introduction: 3:38
Creating an Appspace: 12:16
Defining Markers: 11:48
Defining Snippets & Mappings: 21:37
Testing the Appspace: 20:37
Building an Action: 39:15

Format: YouTube (MP4)
Rating: Developer Level
Length: 1:49:11 (All six videos)


Ratchet-X “Start By” Scenarios
One of the capabilities that makes Ratchet-X such a versatile desktop integration tool is its ability to launch actions in a number of different ways. This ability helps ensure Ratchet-X can easily fit within your existing or desired workflows. This video demonstrates from a programatic perspective, the various ways you can initiate an action. Action initiations methods are referred to within Ratchet-X as Start By Scenarios.

Format: YouTube (MP4)
Rating: Developer Level
Length: 50:32 (All six videos)


The Ratchet-X “JumpTo” Pattern
A common Ratchet-X usage pattern is called the “JumpTo” pattern. Quite often, multiple applications house different pieces of information information that apply to the same subject (context). Since these applications cannot inherently communicate or work together, the user is forced to re-key data between applications to keep them in synch. The JumoTo pattern occurs when Ratchet-X is used to add a button to each application that when clicked, will perform whatever user interface automation is required to synch the applications to the desired context.

Format: YouTube (MP4)
Rating: User Level
Length: 9:54


Integrating Quickbooks and SharePoint
We find it odd that there is virtually no products on the market that integrate QuickBooks and SharePoint. This video demonstrates how Ratchet-X can be used to SharePoint-enable QuickBooks accounting. The video also demonstrates the concept of magic button override.

Format: YouTube (MP4)
Rating: Developer Level
Length: 4:11


Universal Adapter for Document Management
Most ECM customers seek to increase their ROI by integrating their ECM with as many line of business applications as possible. This video demonstrates how Ratchet-X can be used as a ”universal adapter” that allows organizations to integrate document enablement and indexing into any application. This video uses Intuit’s QuickBooks and Digitech’s ImageSilo as the integrated application and ECM respectively.

Format: YouTub (MP4)
Rating: User Level
Length: 9:54


Integrating Tyler’s Munis with Laserfiche
Integrating Tyler’s Munis ERP with Laserfice can be a daunting task without purchasing special tooling from Tyler. In this video, we demonstrate how Ratchet-X can use traditional screen OCR to quickly and easily integrate these applications.

Format: YouTube (MP4)
Rating: User Level
Length: 3:13


Wiring Up Laserfiche To Applications
This video demonstrates how to Laserfiche enable your application using the Ratchet-X Action Pack for Laserfiche. This is a two part video series. The first video demonstrates enabling a simple to integrate application while the second video explores integrating more challenging applications and with complex requirements.

Format: YouTube (MP4)
Rating: Developer Level
Length: Total: 58:00


Ratchet-X Action Pack for FileBound
The Ratchet-X Action Pack for FileBound allows you to integrate any FileBound image enablement feature into any Windows, browser or legacy application without requiring any changes to those applications. In this video, we demonstrate the Action Pack’s image enablement capabilities and how to wire document search into your applications using the Appspace Wizard. 

Format: YouTube (MP4)
Rating: User Level
Length: Total: 8:43


What is Scrape Mailer?
Scrape Mailer is a desktop application integration tool that allows you to send emails from any core system screen that contains live data mapped from that screen. Scrape Mailer eliminates the need for you to manually gather up, copy and paste all relevant information from your applications. Through the use of smart templates, Scrape Mailer embeds live application data in your emails at the point of send. Do you want to send an email that contains embedded account information to a customer directly from within your accounting system? Or maybe you need to send management an update on a special project directly from your project management software. Regardless of the use case, Scrape Mailer is the ultimate solution for sending highly contextual, live data-rich emails from any application.

Format: YouTube (MP4)
Rating: User Level
Length: Total: 15:49

Information from Paper to Core Systems Using Ratchet-X and Captricity
This video demonstrates how Ratchet-X and Captricity can be used to quickly and accurately migrate important corporate data from paper to a core system with rekeying data. 

Format: YouTube (MP4)
Rating: User Level
Length: Total: 6:15