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Ratchet-X Solutions


Ratchet-X Solutions are pre-configured asset collections that perform specific tasks. Most Ratchet-X Solutions take the form of “Action Packs”, which are collections of one or more actions that integrate with a particular API or data source. Based on market demand, we are creating new solutions all the time so be sure to check back frequently.

Ratchet-X Action Packs for Electronic Content Management (ECM)

When an organization implements a document management system, the plan is always ambitious. Get the software in house, design the filing schemes and integrate the document repository with every existing system that could benefit from document management. But then reality sets in…

  • How do those existing applications get integrated?
  • Is it even possible to integrate those applications?
  • How long will it take?
  • How much will it cost?


In the end, most organizations integrate only the most mission critical of systems with the new document management system. That’s unfortunate because the more applications that get integrated, the greater the productivity increases across the organization and the better the return on that investment. This is where Ratchet-X for ECM comes in. Ratchet-X is not a replacement for your ECM’s API. Rather, it’s an innovative supplement that allows organizations to integrate more of their applications with its document repository without having to dive into the details of the ECM’s API or modify existing systems. Ratchet-X for ECM allows users to link application screen fields to document index or search fields so one can quickly and easily submit or retrieve documents from ECM repositories or jump to related records in line of business applications from the ECM’s client applications. And the best part about Ratchet-X for ECM is that these integrations are achieved without you having to modify your existing application in any way. No code changes, cooperation from the vendor or working with existing system APIs. Integrated ECM packages include Laserfiche, Digitech, Knowlegelake, Omtool, Filebound and M-Files.

To lean more about Action Packs that can be downloaded from within Ratchet-X Commander, click the appropriate link below:


Ratchet-X for Salesforce

Ratchet-X for Salesforce allows you to integrate any existing application so that it can contextually retrieve related objects in Salesforce. Now, all your applications can easily be “Salesforce-enabled” giving you a more complete view of any entity or transaction tracked in Salesforce. Further, you can also configure Ratchet-X for Salesforce to retrieve any related record in any core system based on the context of the data you are looking at within the Salesforce user interface. And as always, not changes to your application required.

Scrape Mailer Action Pack

Scrape Mailer is a desktop application integration tool that allows you to send emails from any core system screen that contains live data mapped from that screen. Scrape Mailer eliminates the need for you to manually gather up, copy and paste all relevant information from your applications. Through the use of smart templates, Scrape Mailer embeds live application data in your emails at the point of send. Do you want to send an email that contains embedded account information to a customer directly from within your accounting system? Or maybe you need to send management an update on a special project directly from your project management software. Regardless of the use case, Scrape Mailer is the ultimate solution for sending highly contextual, live data-rich emails from any application.


Ratchet-X for Accounts Payable

Need a way to get purchase orders and invoices into your accounting system without having to type them in? If so, you need Ratchet-X for Accounts Payable. While most ECM systems have the ability to OCR a document, they usually end the process by creating a data dump of the OCR’d data. Then what? Unfortunately you’re left with the arduous task of figuring out how to get that data into your accounting system. This is precisely the problem Ratchet-X for Accounts Payables solves, especially if do not have access to an API or don’t want to figure out how to use it.

Ratchet-X for Compliance

Business rules can change in an instant. Unfortunately, software doesn’t. Ratchet-X for Compliance allows you to quickly start enforcing business rules that would normally take months to implement in the average software application. Further, Ratchet-X for Compliance also provides you way to create an application “user guide” that instructs new or existing users on how to use the applications they use to get work done.

Highlights & Requirements

Supported Operating Systems:
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
Supported Browser Versions:
  • IE v6 - v11
  • Chrome
  • FireFox
Supported Terminal Emulators:
  • All
Workstation Requirements:
  • 1GB RAM
  • 20MB disk space
  • Starter Kit: includes 10 user seats and administration tools
  • Additional user seats available on an each basis
Source code escrow available
Free evaluation available