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Ratchet-X RPA – RPA done right.

People, Process, and of course, Robots.

I’m not just a robot. I’m the fusion of innovative engineering, creative artistry, clever tech and experience-based process. I’m here to automate the integration of your applications and streamline workflows so they are performed faster and more accurately than ever before. I’m here to help you exploit new business opportunities and open new markets. I’m a member of your team. 

I’m not just a robot. I am Ratchet-X RPA.

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With an acronym like RPA, it’s easy for the bots to get all the attention. But we believe bots are only part of the story. The best tech in the hands of unskilled and inexperienced practitioners yields mediocre results at best. That’s why we bring RPA’s “best of the best” to every project helping to ensure your success. Failure is simply not an option, guaranteed.


In order to guarantee your success, everyone involved with a project needs to be pulling in the same direction. This is where the Ratchet-X RPA methodology comes into play. Honed and hardened by hundreds of customer engagements, our methodology defines the roles, activities and sequence of events all successful projects traverse. From pre-sales through implementation and proactive maintenance, the Ratchet-X RPA methodology has you covered.


Unattended bots, attended bots, we’ve got them all. Whether you plan to run bots in your environment, a private cloud, or our public cloud, RatchetSoft has an offering that meets the needs of large-scaled enterprises, SMBs, and everything in between. Further, our flexible pricing models ensure a Ratchet-X RPA solution is within reach of every budget.       

RPA Done Right

How many times have you wondered; “Why do I have to perform these repetitive and mind-numbing data entry tasks, day in and day out? Sure, there’s some variation within these tasks, but for the most part, they’re pretty much the same. Shouldn’t computers be able to do this for me?”. Of course they should and that’s where Ratchet-X RPA comes in. There’s this thing called Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, that allows you to create software robots to do these data entry jobs faster and more accurately than ever before. Think of them literally as additional pairs of hands that free up your people so they can spend their time on more important things like better serving customers and growing the business.

At RatchetSoft, we believe RPA is a team effort. Smart, skilled and experienced automation architects working side-by-side with people who know the processes being automated like the back of their hands, all working from a well-honed methodology that covers everything required to be successful. We believe RPA done right is all about People, Processes, and of course, Robots. And we’ve been doing it right since 2003 for hundreds of customers who’ve deployed tens of thousands of bots into production. We’ve seen it all so your project’s success is guaranteed. Whether you need an attended bot solution running on the user’s desktop, triggered by our famous magic buttons or our unattended, enterprise class, cloud solution for high-volume, batch-oriented automations, RatchetSoft has got what you need.

Seeing is believing. Want to learn more?       

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What is Scrape Mailer?
Scrape Mailer is a Ratchet-X Desktop RPA action pack that allows you to send emails from any core system screen that contains live data mapped from that screen. Scrape Mailer eliminates the need for you to manually gather up, copy and paste all relevant information from your applications. Through the use of smart templates, Scrape Mailer embeds live application data in your emails at the point of send. Do you want to send an email that contains embedded account information to a customer directly from within your accounting system? Or maybe you need to send management an update on a special project directly from your project management software. Regardless of the use case, Scrape Mailer is the ultimate solution for sending highly contextual, live data-rich emails from any application.