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RatchetSoft is a U.S. based software company dedicated to creating RPA (Robotics Process Automation), software and solutions that dramatically increase user productivity and reduce data entry errors. Our flagship platform, Ratchet-X RPA, allows organizations of all sizes to automate and integrate existing processes and applications without requiring any modifications to existing applications or cooperation from software vendors. Ratchet-X RPA provides both attended (desktop), and unattended (batch), robotic technology that can be scaled to accommodate automations of any volume size.  

RatchetSoft’s products and services are used across many industries by organizations seeking to break down the traditional barriers that exist between systems. Removing these barriers results in truly user-centric systems that allow people to access all the data they need, when and where they need it.

RatchetSoft, LLC. founded in 2003, is a privately held, Manhasset, New York company with development operations in New Hope, Pennsylvania.



Joe Labbe, CEO  
Joe Labbe is the CEO and Co-founder of RatchetSoft. Mr. Labbe is responsible for devising and implementing the firm’s business strategy and manages the organization’s Professional Services team. Over the course of his 25 years of experience in the technology sector, Joe has worn many hats including that of: Programmer, Systems Architect, Director of Professional Services, Managing Partner and CEO. Prior to co-founding RatchetSoft, Joe served the aforementioned roles for companies such as: Primordial, USWeb, Synergetix Systems and Macmillan Publishing. Joe is a graduate of St. John’s University with a BS in Marketing.

George Weihs, CTO  
George Weihs is the CTO and Co-founder of RatchetSoft. Mr. Weihs oversees all aspects of RatchetSoft’s technical operations and is the architectural driving force behind the Ratchet-X RPA Platform. Prior to co-founding RatchetSoft, George was the CTO for web services software company Primordial, where he oversaw the development of its flagship web services management platform, WSBANG. Prior to Primoridal, George was a Partner at USWeb, where he managed the northeast region’s technical staff of over a hundred engineers. George came to USWeb via an acquisition of Synergetix Systems, a systems integration firm he co-founded and served as its CTO. George is a graduate of St. John’s University with a BS in Marketing.

Jason Burns, Director of Product Development  
Jason Burns is RatchetSoft’s Director of Product Development where he oversees the development and management of Ratchet-X Cloud RPA service. Prior to joining  RatchetSoft. Mr. Burns was the Co-founder and Lead Architect of 3D body scan company,, which developed body scan and analysis software solutions for the commercial fitness market. Prior to, Jason was a Mechanical Engineer for the United State Navy developing 2D and 3D modeling systems. Jason graduating from Drexel University and holds both a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering.

Jeffrey Brooks, Director of Process Optimization Services
Jeff Brooks has over 30 years experience in both corporate management and business consulting. Mr. Brooks specializes in the planning and execution of process optimization initiatives to increase productivity, improve service and reduce costs. Jeff began his career in GE’s Lighting global distribution operations, where he was recognized for his expertise in business process automation to achieve operational excellence. His assignments included operational and strategic planning; customer service; training; organizational development; and logistics systems for GEL. He served as project manager for three major logistics information systems. He was also the architect of GE Lighting’s first customer online ordering system. As a result, he was selected to serve on GE’s CEO Customer Service Task Force.

As a business advisor, he has led projects with diverse clients in U.S. and China, ranging from publishing to retailing to manufacturing industries and focusing on functional areas that include: logistics and supply chain; training and operational process improvement; finance; and customer service. Jeff received a B.A. in Economics from Villanova University and a M.B.A. in Business Logistics from The Ohio State University.



We’re always looking for partnership opportunities with organizations who could benefit from the power of Ratchet-X. Since RatchetSoft is all about RPA and automating existing processes, it’s important we establish strong relationships with the software, services and support organizations customers rely upon everyday. The Ratchet-X Distributor Program is designed for organizations looking to deliver superior integrated solutions based on the industry’s most innovative RPA platform.

We currently have over 75 partners around the world using Ratchet-X to help their customers be as productive as possible. Come on board, you’ll be in great company.  

Who should partner with RatchetSoft?
RatchetSoft partners come in all shapes and sizes. However, the vast majority of our partners fall into one of the following three categories:

  • Software vendors
  • Data and service providers
  • System integrators and consultants

Software Vendors
Everyday you’re inundated with requests to add new features and integrate your application with the other systems your customers use. Unfortunately, more than 80% of these requests go unfulfilled because they’re often one-off integrations with internal systems. Wouldn’t it be great if you could give your customers a solution that enables them to be more self-sufficient with regard to systems integration? Ratchet-X will improve customer satisfaction by allowing them to do more with your product while allowing you to focus your precious development resources on domain-related features.

Data And Service Providers
All data providers seek ways to increase distribution. Ratchet-X puts your information or service just one click away from virtually every application screen on the user’s desktop. Partnering with RatchetSoft can significantly increase the distribution and exposure of your wares resulting in higher usage rates.

Systems Integrators And Consultants
As a systems integrator or consultant, you know your customer’s business systems better than anyone. You know which systems are used, the data these systems house and how they can be integrated to increase productivity. However, physically integrating these systems is often difficult, if not impossible. Ratchet-X empowers you to perform these elusive integrations without having to modify the integrated systems in any way. Ratchet-X will dramatically increase the number of opportunities to serve your customers and deliver the solutions they’ve been asking for.

To learn more about the Ratchet-X Distributor Program, feel free to contact us at or call us at (800) 286-4232





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