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RPA: Brittleness vs Durability

RPA brittleness is the tendency for an RPA automation to break/fail after the target application undergoes a version upgrade. Why is this and what can be done?All RPA automations require a consistent way to “target” a given UI element.  In a perfect world, each UI...

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Selling RPA

When my company started selling our Ratchet-X RPA platform twelve years ago (long before RPA had a name), we had a tough time marketing the solution for the following reasons; a) RPA is a technology that every organization can use, but apparently, it is very difficult...

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RPA vs. Native Integration

For years, I have told our integration partners and customers; “Don’t let RPA become the hammer that makes every integration project look like a nail. If you can natively integrate applications through APIs, data exports and imports, or direct writes to backend...

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