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Software applications do what they were designed to do, and no more. Unfortunately, the business demands placed upon you to get things done are not so orderly. Every day brings with it the need to gather and disseminate, more information to an ever increasing number of disparate systems and data sources. So what are you supposed to do until the applications you use are modified to accommodate your new requirements? Cut, copy, paste or re-key? This assumes your requirements are critical enough to warrant inclusion in a future update. You don’t have time for any of that. Maybe it’s time to consider an RPA solution like Ratchet-X RPA. . 

Ratchet-X RPA allows you to integrate any Windows, browser or legacy system with any other application, data source or custom API without having to make changes to your application or requiring cooperation from the application’s vendor. Ratchet-X RPA offers an enterprise class suite of attended and unattended bot technology ensuring you have the right tool for the job. That coupled with the experience of automation architects who’ve worked on hundred of projects of all shapes and sizes backed be a well-honed methodology guarantees your project’s success. And when we say guaranteed, we mean guaranteed. If we for any reason, we can’t deliver the RPA solution we propose, you don’t pay for it. No questions asked.    

You need the Ratchet-X RPA Platform. Ratchet-X RPA allows you to add new features to existing applications without having to change those applications in any way or rely on software developers and vendors for integration cooperation. Ratchet-X understands both the information contained in your application screens and the context within which you’re working for the purpose of assembling a list of the relevant functions you need to be more productive. Ratchet-X is designed to make software more user-centric.

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