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I recently received an email from a customer saying; “I’m amazed at how many places within our organization we’ve applied Ratchet-X beyond the original project.” We hear this all the time. Although I often make this point during customer presentations, it usually doesn’t set in until the customer lives and uses Ratchet-X for a bit.

One example where Ratchet-X is repeatedly applied beyond the original customer project is in the area of enterprise document management (EDM). Once customers realize that Ratchet-X is actually a piece of desktop middleware that brokers a “conversation” between application screen data and external data sources (and not merely an integration tool purchased to solve a specific problem), integrating applications into the customer’s EDM system is a natural fit.

Ratchet-X is now commonly being used as a way to both submit documents to, and retrieve data from, EDM repositories. On the capture side, Ratchet-X works best with images and forms since the information used for indexing the documents is often available in the integrated application screen. With regard to document retrieval, pretty much every application user can benefit by an onboard ability to instantly link to documents that relate to the entity referenced by the application screen data. Since Ratchet-X enables more applications, and by extension users, to leverage the EDM, the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining the EDM is justified over a much larger pool of users.

Not many products can claim they dramatically impact the ROI of the other products running within the organization. So try integrating Ratchet-X with your EDM back-end and let me know how it goes. Also be on the lookout for the release of Ratchet-X plugins that integrate into the industry’s most popular EDM products. If you’re thinking of doing such an integration, make sure you check with us to see if we have a plug-in for your EDM in the pipeline.