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Most Ratchet-X installations are pretty straightforward. You create your assets and then place them in a centralized location (network file share or web server), to which all users have access. However, for large enterprise installations with multiple user constituencies, or Ratchet-X Distributors who want to give their customers a customized installation package that contains all configured assets along with specific branding components, deployment has always required a little more work. The good news is that we’ve just removed most of that work with the release of the Ratchet-X Package Editor. The Ratchet-X Package Editor allows you to easily create custom installation packages that contain all the assets, specific Ratchet-X version and white labeled branding elements in one simple MSI installation package. No specific knowledge of how to create or manage MSI files is necessary to work with the Package Editor. Just gather your assets, configure a few parameters, click a button and your custom Ratchet-X installation package is created for you. Sweet! Check out our web site for more details.