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If you look at an RPA ISV or consultant’s datasheet, you are sure to come across the bullet point; “RPA as a Service” (RPAAS). Unfortunately, a bullet point is usually all you’ll get with little to no elaboration. I’m guessing that’s because while many providers in the space feel compelled to advertise an RPAAS offering, very few have solidified what that offering is and are often “winging it”, based on shifting customer requirements and tolerances. As frustrating as such “vapor service” may be to customers, it is not surprising given RPA’s relative nascent stage of maturity coupled with the fact that, by definition, RPA involves automating and integrating internal systems which can make crafting an RPAAS offering tricky. However, as an RPA provider, my company, RatchetSoft, also promotes an RPAAS bullet point so I feel a certain amount of civic responsibility to, if not clearly define RPAAS, at least share some of what we’ve learned as a so-called “RPAAS provider”, pose some real-world considerations, and put some meat on those RPAAS bones. Click here to read more.