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The more full-featured Ratchet-X becomes, the more tempted we are to unduly emphasize the product’s more “cool and complicated” features during demos. Now I’m not saying these features are not useful. No doubt they are or we wouldn’t have funded their development in the first place. However, this emphasis on the WOW features sometimes causes us to gloss over some of the other more mundane, yet equally as valuable features.

For example, have you ever used Ratchet-X to move data from one screen to another? While we spend a lot of time talking about integrating existing application screens with external data sources, we tend to down play the simple screen-to-screen copy feature. That’s unfortunate because virtually every Ratchet-X user indentifies this as a need, and yet we tend to demo this feature only after being asked.

So, for all of you who constantly enter data into multiple screens either for data entry purposes or launching queries in other desktop systems, I recommend you give the Quick Copy feature a look. Quick Copy is a simple feature that allows you to link fields on multiple screens so that data can flow between these screens in either direction. Simple, but pretty powerful when it comes to speeind up those pesky repetitive typing tasks.

Check Quick Copy when you get a chance. Better yet, give me a call and I’ll demo it for you.