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Over the past two years or so, a number of consulting organizations have added “Application Rationalization” to their roster of services. Simply stated, application rationalization is the process by which an organization assesses its portfolio of application software and decides which applications need to be maintained, sunset or replaced. While this process may look different from organization-to-organization, the common goal is to reduce application bloat and functional redundancy thereby reducing overall IT cost.

Ratchet-X can be a very helpful tool during the application rationalization process. Often, applications are kept in production because they provide some functionality that can’t be added to a preferred system. Ratchet-X allows organizations to add or integrate that functionality into the preferred system quickly and easily thus allowing the redundant system to be sunset. Further, the rationalization process uncovers a slew of integration code and cron jobs that shuttles data between systems. Ratchet-X can help alleviate this web of spaghetti code by allowing organizations to deliver information normally moved in batch, to applications in real time at the point of need.

So, if you’re engaged in or considering undertaking an application rationalization project, keep Ratchet-X in mind as you evaluate system consolidation.