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Ratchet-X is highly unintrusive in terms of its impact at the desktop. However, there are instances when it may conflict with other applications (usually utilities), that work with the keyboard buffer. An example of such an application is PhraseExpress from Bartels Media GmbH. This very useful utility allows the user to create global keyboard shortcuts that when typed, are replaced with a larger phrase thus reducing typing and ensuring textual consistency. In order to do this, the application must monitor what the user is typing into every application at the desktop, perform a recognition, eat the shortcut keystrokes when entered and replace it with the mapped long form text from its database. While this would not normally cause a conflict with Ratchet-X, if your action makes heavy use of stuffing keys in the keyboard buffer or your regwin hosts a conflicting keyboard shortcut, a conflict may arise. If an action does not seem to be doing what it is supposed to do or is exhibiting odd behavior and your action or regwin uses the keyboard buffer or shortcuts, check to see if the user is running a utility that intercepts keystrokes. This might save you some action debugging time.