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Do you want to send a contextual email that contains screen data from any application screen? Well now you can with our Scrape Mailer Action Pack. Scrape Mailer is a desktop application integration tool that allows you to send emails from any core system screen that contains live data mapped from that screen. Scrape Mailer eliminates the need for you to manually gather up, copy and paste all relevant information from your applications. Through the use of smart templates, Scrape Mailer embeds live application data in your emails at the point of send. Do you want to send an email that contains embedded account information to a customer directly from within your accounting system? Or maybe you need to send management an update on a special project directly from your project management software. Regardless of the use case, Scrape Mailer is the ultimate solution for sending highly contextual, live data-rich emails from any application

For more, check out this demo video.