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Having performed hundreds of customer automations, we’ve come across a number of integrations and use cases that are similar from project-to-project. Rather than building each common automation from scratch, we have created a series of solutions, or what we call Action Packs, that contain the assets and know-how to get your project 80% complete, usually leaving you with little more than having to map inputs and outputs.

Below is a list of the Action Packs we officially market and support. However, we unofficially maintain a library assets we’ve developed over time and are happy to share them with you for free, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for below, just ask.

Finally, we’re always on the lookout for new ideas for Action Pack. If you have an idea for an Action Pack and want to work on it together, gives us a call and let’s talk. If we jointly develop an Action Pack, as a thank you for your idea, we’ll give you a free and unlimited distribution right to the Action Pack. It’s a great deal so give it some thought.


docSTAR Action Pack

docSTAR ECM enable any application.


FileBound Action Pack

FileBound enable any application.

InContact Action Pack

Integrate InContact screen pops into any application.

Laserfiche Action Pack

Laserfiche enable any application.

Scrape Mailer Action Pack

Scrape Mailer Action Paclk

Send contextual emails from any application screen.

Square9 Action Pack

Global Search enable any application.