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The Square9 Action Pack enables users to “GlobalSearch enable” any Windows, browser or legacy application without having to change that application in any way. 

Supported SmartSearch Operations
The following GlobalSearch operations are supported by the Action Pack:
  • Scan and index documents using integrated application data
  • Index and copy integrated application data into the open document’s metadata fields
  • Import new documents (with metadata), from application
  • Search for documents from integrated application 
How Do I Install the Action Pack?
Actions packs are installed from the Ratchet-X Commander desktop application. To install an Action Pack, perform the following:
  1. In Commander, click Tools | Install Action Pack. This will display the Install Action Pack dialog.
  2. Select the Square9 Action Pack from the the list of action packs presented in the left side of the dialog.
  3. Once selected, click the Install button. Note, if there is additional information regarding the selected action pack, a link will be made available below the action pack list. To view the additional information, click the link.
  4. Once the action pack installation begins, follow the screen prompts. Note that certain action packs may require prerequisites so be aware of any special prerequisite notes presented during the action pack install.
Action Pack Configuration Notes
Before you can start using Ratchet-X with Square9 products, you need to make the configuration changes outlined in the Square9 Action Pack Configuration Notes document. 
Have a Question or Comment?
If you have any questions or comments regarding the Square9 Action Pack, you can email us at or call us at (800) 286-4232.

Requirements & Highlights

Supported Operating Systems
• Windows XP through Windows 10

Supported Browsers & Versions
• Internet Explorer v6 – v11
• Chrome
• FireFox

Supported Terminal Emulators
• All

Supported Virtual Environments
• Citrix
• Microsoft RDP/Terminal Services
• VMWare

Workstation Hardware Requirements
• 50 MB free hard disk space

Source code escrow program available