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I know this has little to do with the purpose of this blog but I can’t take it anymore. Today, I had yet another associate of mine invite me to track his every movement on Twitter. This comes just one day after telling another colleague that I refused to communicate with him exclusively through Pownce.

Does anyone over the age of 18 really need to know at this moment which friend is picking the nuts out of his teeth from the Snickers bar he just ate? The only reason I know it was a Snickers bar is because I received an urgent alert to that fact five minutes prior as he was unwrapping said Snickers bar.

Just because we have the technical ability to transmit every fleeting thought and the undertaking of every mundane task doesn’t mean we should. But what do I know, I’m just a cranky old geezer with a little less time on my hands than some.

If you’re connected to me via Twitter, you probably know that already.