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Good news for RatchetSoft users! Ratchet-X version 3.5 was released to the Ratchet-X Community last week. Here’s a review of what’s new.

The most significant change in version 3.5 is the introduction of Assembles. While Ratchet-X has always had the ability to extract, paste and manage datasets that scan multiple applications and application screens, version 3.5 shifts the responsibility of supporting this feature from the plug-in developer to the appspace creator and the platform itself. As part of our ongoing effort to focus the platform on managing desktop data rather than mere application automation, we felt that multiple application and screen support should be something that the plug-in creator inherits rather than have to specifically plan for. This supports the philosophy of loosely coupling applications and data sources.

So now, if a plug-in requires data from an xmodel that spans multiple screens, it’s up to the appspace developer (the only person who really knows this to be the case for a particular application integration), to define that fact by instructing the Commander to create an assemble in the task list when the user executes the associated plug-in. Once the assemble is in the task list, it becomes much easier to be repurposed to other applications and sources. For more on assembles, check out the Ratchet-X documentation.

Macro Throttling
Appspace macros are created by the appspace author. This being the case, defined macro execution speed is usually based on the performance the appspace creator sees on his/her desktop. However, once the appspace is deployed, the macro’s execution speed may need to be altered to accommodate the performance of an end user’s workstation. This is the purpose for macro throttling. Macro throttling allows each individual end user to globally speed up or slow down the performance of macros executed on his or her desktop (five levels of throttling).

In version 3.5, the Appspace Editor has both an AutoSave and AutoBackup feature. When Appspace Editor saves, it makes a backup of the previous version. Further, once you save an appspace for the first time, Appspace Editor will autosave a copy of your appspace based on a user defined autosave time interval.

In addition, there have been various changes to the the connector API and plug-in API to accommodate changes to the task list and assembles.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the new version, please gives us a call or drop me an email. Good luck with version 3.5 of Ratchet-X!